Guanaja island, Honduras
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Honduras is home to more natural gems than we can count, and you’ll have to head to the Bay Islands department to discover some of its biggest wonders. This sun-kissed paradise consists of a group of islands off the coast of Honduras, and here’s what they have in store.


Utila may be the smallest of the major Bay Islands, but that doesn’t take away from its natural beauty. It will win you over with its beautiful white sand beaches and rich marine life. It’s known as one of the world’s most stunning dive locations thanks to the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island.


Mountainous terrain makes Guanaja truly unique when compared to other major Bay Islands. It’s known by the nickname the Venice of Honduras due to its extensive waterways, but it’s also known for its waterfalls and sun-kissed beaches where you can try a long list of different activities, from fishing and shrimping to diving and snorkeling.


Roatán is safely tucked away between Guanaja and Utila and it’s the largest of the Bay Islands. It’s one of Honduras’ eco-tourism destinations, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world if you’re a passionate scuba diver because it’s well-known for its dive sites with volcanic crevices.

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