Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market

Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market Research Report Scope (FY23-28)

MarkNtel Advisors has released a market research report on the Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market covering the forecast period of 2023-28. The research segment utilizes efficient methodologies to provide insights into sales and revenue forecasts spanning from 2023 to 2028, enhancing user understanding and enabling well-informed decision-making. By utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data, this report comprehensively addresses significant changes, gap analyses, emerging opportunities, trends, industry dynamics, and competitive challenges.

Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market Insights:

The Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market is expected to witness a CAGR of 6.76% from 2023 to 2028.

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Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market (FY23-28): Market Dynamics

Growth Opportunity: Expansion of Food Manufacturing Companies in the Middle East

The evolving consumer need based on the health & wellness trend has propelled food manufacturing companies to set up their manufacturing unit in regional countries. The majority of the countries adhere to the zero taxation policy, which seems to be a lucrative offer, hence the food manufacturing units are being set up in the region.

Similarly, in 2022, the Change Foods Company unveiled its plans to open an animal-free dairy manufacturing plant in the UAE under the NextGen FDI initiative laid by the government of the UAE. These units would primarily upscale the production and thereby reduce the prices of these products. Owing to this, lactose-free food would become more accessible to the lower- & middle-class populations across the region. Hence, the expansion of the dairy manufacturing units would result in more consumer penetration, further amplifying the growth of the market in the forthcoming years.

Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market Segmentation Analysis

A thorough examination of the Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market is presented in our research report, accurately delving into key market segments:

By Type



-Soups and Sauces


-Others (Yoghurts, Cheese, Non-Dairy Products, etc.)

By Source





-Hemp Milk

-Oat Milk

-Others (Hazelnut milk, Cashew milk, etc.)

By Nature



By Country

-The UAE

-Saudi Arabia




-Rest of Middle EastOur research report on the Middle East Lactose-Free Food Market offers comprehensive geographical coverage, including

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Market Player-

-Nestlé Middle East FZE

-The Danone Company Inc.

-Arla Foods

-Dean’s Food

-Shamrock Foods

-Kolita Foods

-McNeil Nutrionals


-OMIRA Oberland-Milchverwertung (OMIRA)



-Cabot Creamery

-Others (Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Green Valley Organics, etc.)

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